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Second Annual Louisiana Higher Education Law Conference

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   On Thursday, March 12th, the second annual Louisiana Higher Education Law Conference was held at the Picard Center at UL Lafayette.  There, leading professionals in Education Law came together to bring attendees an inside look at the latest developments in the field.  Some of our speakers included, Dr. Richard Fossey - professor at UL Lafayette, Ellen Cook - Assistant Vice President for Academic Affairs at UL Lafayette, Dr. Nathan Roberts - Interim Dean, Department of Education at UL Lafayette, Dr. Mark Miller - President of LACUSPA, and Dr. Robert Cloud - Chair, Department of Educational Administration at Baylor University.  

   Multiple important topics were focused on, with an emphasis on the most current and significant issues impacting the Higher Education community, and many creative ideas to manage these problems were discussed.  Some of the topics that were covered included the downturn in state funding and its effect on higher education, identifying and responding to suicidal and distressed students, serving disabled students, the student loan crisis, and Title IX - sexual assaults on campus and due process rights of students accused of sexual assault.  Attendees of this innovative summit were both seasoned veterans of education law and those who were in the beginnings of their careers, and there was agreement that their participation in the Louisiana Higher Education Law Conference was very useful.

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