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The Educational Doctorate (“Ed. D.”) in Educational Leadership is offered jointly by the University of Louisiana at Lafayette and Southeastern Louisiana University. The program is administered by a Consortium Committee comprised of individuals from both campuses. We are very excited about this partnership, and together have developed a fantastic doctoral program. Candidates admitted to this program will embark on an exhilarating adventure that will benefit not only the candidate, but also the school district or university in which she or he is employed.  

Also, the EDFL program is closely associated with the Center for Childhood Development, who has as its overarching goal to generate high-quality research, use of research-based findings to guide public policy and practices and dissemination of best practices models to practitioners, public agencies and the general public.  We anticipate that the Center for Child Development will assist the program with dissertation research projects as well as other valuable research opportunities.

Remote Cohort District Partnerships

Our Master's degree in Educational Leaderhship (M.Ed.) has developed on site district locations outside of our campus to facilitate in the ease of degree completion for our students. Even if students are not located in Lafayette they can still benefit from in-classroom teaching via M.Ed. remote cohorts. Our professors travel to our students!

Students located in one of our M.Ed. regionally affiliated districts benefit from joining remote cohorts that eliminate the need for them to travel to our campus for face-to-face instruction. We have developed partnerships with multiple school districts in Louisiana which provide instructional locations within their districts where we hold our classes. These district sites have included Vermillion Parish, Rapides Parish, St. Mary Parish, Iberia Parish, and Lafayette Parish.

If you are interested in seeking an M.Ed. and are not located in one of the currently served area parishes and are aware of interest from other teachers in your district who would also like to apply to our program, we may consider, if interest is great enough, establishing a new remote cohort in your area.

For more information or to discuss the development of new remote cohort partnerships in your district contact Frank S. Del Favero, M.Ed. Program Coordinator at