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Admissions Requirements

In addition to the general admission requirements of the Graduate School, admission to the graduate program in Educational Leadership requires:

  • Letter of recommendation from principal or supervisor authorizing release time and opportunities to perform leadership projects;
  • Letter of support from Superintendent, if applicable, authorizing release time and opportunities to perform leadership projects;
  • Reference letters from two colleagues that address issues identified in the application form such as commitment to excellence in teaching and learning;
  • Resume;
  • Application letter setting forth vision as school leader;
  • Submission of portfolio of leadership experiences and activities;
  • Interview with either district or University admissions committee;
  • Satisfactory completion of teacher induction program or similar program, and
  • Valid teaching certificate.

To apply to our Master of Education in Educational Leadership program, visit the Graduate School website.

Course Requirements

Students are admitted into cohorts that begin a two year program in the fall of each year. Students enroll in six hours of course credit each fall, spring and summer for a total of 36 hours. The courses include:

  • EDLD 500 - Vision, Leadership and School Culture 3 Credit(s).
  • EDLD 501 - Using Data to Effect Change 3 Credit(s).
  • EDLD 502 - Legal, Regulatory, and Ethical Issues 3 Credit(s).
  • EDLD 504 - Using Research to Lead Change 3 Credit(s).
  • EDLD 505 - Curriculum for Education Leaders 3 Credit(s).
  • EDLD 506 - Assessment and Instruction for Educational Leaders 3 Credit(s).
  • EDLD 507 - Internship 3 Credit(s).
  • EDLD 508 - Systems Alignment 3 Credit(s).
  • EDLD 509 - Change, Transition, and Evaluation 3 Credit(s).
  • EDLD 510 - Organizing the Learning Environment 3 Credit(s).
  • EDLD 511 - Community Engagement 3 Credit(s).
  • EDLD 512 - Capstone Internship 3 Credit(s).

For course descriptions please visit our Curriculum Checklist.