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Look Back at Past K-12 Education Law Conferences

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As we start gearing up for this year's annual K-12 Education Law Conference, we invite you to look back at our past conferences.  

First held in 2015, our first conference looked at juvenile justice and the school system, special education, sexual harassment, and cell phone searches.  

Dr. Richard Fossey & Dr. Nathan Roberts from UL Lafayette speak to 2015 conference attendees on cell phone searches.

With the first conference being such a success, building on its initial foundations, the 2016 conference examined the law on search and seizures, strategies for avoiding wrongful injury litigation, legal pitfalls for administrators, and student discipline and social media.  

Vicki Younger, Interim Director of Human Resources in Rapides Parish, discusses social media issues at the 2016 conference. 

The Executive Director of the Education Law Association, Cate Smith, came to speak to 2016 conference attendees.

In 2017, the K-12 Education Law Conference brought in more great speakers who discussed school security and working with campus officers during a school crisis, lock-downs, and other security events. Also on the agenda that year were updates for special education law as well as prayer in schools.  

Captain Joey C. Mayeaux of the Ascension Parish Sheriff's Office discusses law enforcement and school partnerships with 2017 conference attendees.

Prayer in schools was addressed in 2017 by Dr. Kenneth Lane from Southeastern Louisiana University.

Our 2018 conference brought in educators from around the state who got to hear from several guest speakers, including Lynn Rossi Scott, who spoke on administrators and civil rights, Chief Joey Sturm, who spoke on security threats and protective measures, and Assistant U.S. Attorney Luke Walker, who spoke about cyber bullying.  To see more of our 2018 conference, click the image below for a link to watch the video.

Watch the 2018 Conference Video

The 2019 conference brought educators together to get information and updates on multiple trending K-12 issues, including drug testing and strip searching, removal of parents from campus grounds, sexual harassment and cyber bullying, and more. 

Above counselor and educator, Dr. David Spruill, discusses the importance of caring, respecting, and connecting in schools.

Dean of the College of Education, Dr. Nathan Roberts, reviews the latest Tort Law updates on sexual harassment. 

As our conference draws near again we are busy putting together another great program - we hope that you will join us this year at the LITE Center UL Lafayette!

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